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05/19/2012 PBR, Pet Cemetery, Wrestlers
May 19, 2012 05:21 AM PDT
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- We're drinking 40's of Pabst Blue Ribbon tonight, the more you drink the more you like it.
- Curt's couch crabs.
- A new drug called Devils Breath being used to turn people into zombies.
- We watched a video of a guy hammering nails through his balls.
- Steve is depressed and wants to make some changes.
- We get on the topic of the movie Pet Cemetery.
- Curt and Steve spend a little time talking sports.
- Steve shows the guys some cartoons from
- Reality show The Devils Ride comes up.
- Curt's two minute news and Steve wrestler commentary.

05/11/2012 Bullying, WeinerBBQ
May 12, 2012 05:23 AM PDT
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- The starts off with a bunch of random talk.
- Strangers talking to you because of the shirt you're wearing.
- A suggestion was made to do a live remote at an anime convention.
- A couple news stories about girls who were bullied and killed themselves this week.
- Curt's suicide book.
- A kid tries to jump in a pool, from a third story rooftop.
- Some more stories about student teacher sex.
- WeinerBBQ video is watched...Google it.
- Talk about disturbing videos and a few more are watched.

05/04/2012 Mom bangs son, The Remote Control
May 06, 2012 01:00 PM PDT

- Show starts off with a news story about a mom who has sex with her 15 year old son.
- Curt's bad Dunkin Donuts experience.
-Steve's grandmother.
- Some TV remote discussion.
- More twitter talk.
- We call People Who Hates People who are doing a show at Tromadance just like we did last year.
- Killer Bud calls in to talk about weed.
- Some grandparents tow there 7 year old granddaughter behind their SUV.

04/20/2012 Constipation, Porn, Pissing
April 21, 2012 04:59 AM PDT

- Steve's constipated and is hating life.
- Curt's traveling habits.
- The guys think Steve is really a senior citizen.
- Jewish superman.
- Science teacher porn star.
- Some talk about our teachers from school.
- Curt's story about a woman with her tit hanging out.
- Tattooed people drink more.
- There's a place where you can pay to kill zombies.
- Pissing while driving is talked about.
- An old lady crashes her car into a store.
- Sex while driving a car?

04/06/2012 Parents, Twitter, Underwear
April 06, 2012 07:52 PM PDT

- Curt is sober after a night of drinking and claims he will maintain it.
- Steve was at the bar getting picked up by an old broad.
- Jacking stories and porn.
- Steve new book reading habits which leads into romance novels.
- Some lotto news.
- Curt's mom is a vegetarian.
- We talk about our dads and they still treat us like little kids.
- There is a possibility of a future boy Miss Universe.
- Another zombie girl video is discussed.
- Twitter is for pussies.
- Curt's underwear pocket.

03/30/2012 Miss Canada, AIDS Pirates
March 30, 2012 08:51 PM PDT

- Mega millions lotto is at record levels.
- Trayvon Martin discussion.Pussy Ass Cracker.
- Miss Canada is a dude who fuck her...him.
- Some group discussions.
- We watch a video of sex from the inside.
- Aids Pirates is coming to a town near you.
- Girls who look like Barbie Dolls.
- Some shitty ending or something.

03/23/2012 Go Fist Yourself
March 24, 2012 05:21 AM PDT
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- We talk about our move to a new internet radio station and all the drama behind it.
- There a Three Stooges movie coming out and it's going to suck, plus other movie remakes.
- Steve's superpower invisible dick.
- Steve road rage story and "Go fist yourself!"
- Curt's Mexican fence builders.
- A crazy black girl flips out in her college class room.
- The Broncos get Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow will be quantum leaping from team to team to team in the NFL to help different players.
- Steve talks about an old movie he watched with Alyssa Milano playing Amy Fisher.
- Curt ends the show singing Total Eclipse of the Heart.

03/16/2012 Otto, Curt sings Adele
March 17, 2012 06:05 AM PDT

- Steve at Burger King.
- We watch a video of a woman getting a vaginal prolapse surgery.
- Otto of Otto and George calls in and talks about every thing from funerals to movies.
- One of the Kony 2012 guys gets arrested.
- A little talk about Bree Olsen.
- A 22 year old girl beats up her 74 year old boyfriend.
- Gallagher is in a coma and has a new racist act.
- A girl is addicted to drinking gasoline.
- Curt closes out the show singing a little Adele.

03/09/2012 Kony2012, I think we're alone
March 09, 2012 07:47 PM PST

- Show starts off talking about the Kony2012 video.
- Steve's mesc stories.
- Steve's date rape tips and Curt's girl groveling stories.
- Documentary I Think we're Alone Now is talked about.
- Mark David Chapman documentary may be in development.
- 13 year old kid gets set on fire.
- Koony The Klown new kids show that will take the world by storm.

03/02/2012 Skype Show, Energy, Juggalo Book
March 03, 2012 05:15 AM PST

- We do the show on Skype for the first time.
- Curt gets an early phone call from Steve.
- Curt want to buy a libido drink.
- Steve talks about all the crap he puts in his body to stay awake.
- Steve has a stripper story.
- Dad is strip searched because his kid draws a gun.
- GOP Congressional candidate says the holocaust never happened.
- The guys talk about the new facebook for ICP fans called Juggalo Book.
- A kinky threesome want to have sex with a dog.

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